Fraser Island: A True Wonder of Nature and Place of Tranquil Beauty.

Known by the Indigenous Butchulla people as K’gari, meaning Paradise, Fraser Island lives up to it’s original name in every single aspect.  From endless white beaches, impossibly blue lakes, dense, lush rainforest to a seemingly endless list of stunning features to marvel at, you will be left wondering how nature could get it so right.

A place for the adventurous soul to relish, Fraser Island is sure to satisfy the most seasoned traveler.  Not a place you ever want to be rushed though, Fraser Island must be enjoyed slowly, giving your soul time to soak in the ancient beauty greeting  you warmly at every turn.

Take a Fraser Island 4x4 Hire vehicle for a self guided tour you will never forget.  Available for tours all year round, take your pick of seasons, days of the week to travel and length of stay.

For information on bookings or just for general information please feel free to contact us on any of the details listed at the bottom of the page today.

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