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What time does the ferry/barge leave Inskip Point to travel to Fraser Island and how long does it take?

The ferry starts at 7am and finishes at 5pm daily.  As driving on the beach is dependant on low tide,  you need to check your tide times before leaving.  It takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes on the ferry to reach Fraser Island making Rainbow Beach the quickest route to the Island.

What if I have never driven on the beach before?

Many of our customers have never even driven a 4X4, let alone on the beach before.  Before you leave our office, you are given comprehensive instructions via an instructional video, and if you desire, a brief driving lesson on our local beach until you are confident to travel on your own.

I have heard the Dingoes are dangerous?

Humans and dingoes can co-exist on Fraser Island in complete harmony, provided you take a sensible attitude towards them at all times, as you would with any wild animal.  Do not approach or feed them under any circumstances.  Should you come across a Dingo that you believe requires assistance or could possibly be threatening, call the National Parks and Wildlife Service immediately.  There are also Camp Grounds available that are dingo fenced for your peace of mind.

What about licensing? Is there an age limit? And does it cost extra to have additional drivers’?

There is no age limit to drive one of our 4wd’s.  All you need is a current full license.  There are no extra charges for additional drivers’.

Do we pay for kilometres driven?

No, your hire includes unlimited kilometres.

Where can we go on Fraser Island? Are there any restrictions?

Driving North of Indian Head and the Western side of the Island are out of bounds in a Fraser Island 4 X 4 Vehicle.  It is at your own risk and responsibility if you decide to do so.

Please check before booking your accommodation that you are within the Area of Use.


Can we swim in the Ocean?

At Fraser Island 4X4, we suggest that you Never swim on an Australian Beach unless you are in a Flagged Area, patrolled by Life Guards,  no matter your experience level in still water, or whether you are in a group or alone.  Rips and Strong Currents are invisible to the untrained eye, and can turn an enjoyable outing into a nightmare in seconds.

Swimming  in the freshwater lakes and creeks is far safer, though we do suggest never swimming alone, no matter where you might be, or how perfect the water may appear.

We always suggest that you take a ‘Safety First’ approach whenever near the water on Fraser Island.

How many days will we need to see everything Fraser Island has to offer?

A minimum of 2 days.  We do definitely recommend 3 or 4 days though, so you are not rushing your trip.  Remember, accessing parts of the Island by beach driving is subject to the tides.

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